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So much work to do!

The long list of projects on the land – before we even *think* of having cows or any other livestock is a little daunting. They change in priority and duration based on so many factors: weather, equipment, urgency, everything. Here’s the small list

Here you can see how high the broom sage got before we mowed. And this is the pecan orchard on the south corner of the farm, looking Northwest.
  • Test the soil (done) – whoa, low pH!
  • Lime the pasture (brings up pH)
  • Cut the grass (done!)
  • Clear the old fence line up the middle of the property
  • Cut under the trees so the bush hog can get
  • Chip the limbs we cut
  • Clear out some of the pecans from the front part
  • Deal with the poison ivy that is all over the pecans
  • Clear the weeds around the trees where the bush hog couldn’t cut
  • Cut the fence and barbed wire and roll it and dispose of it
  • Figure out the spring and the feed to the pond
  • Clean and preserve the pond so it lasts a long time
  • Decide on keep/cut trees in the upper pasture
  • Figure out farm layout, barn placement, fence placement
  • and on, and on, and on…….

Tired yet? I sure am! the thought of doing all of this and in what order, and in what season is like playing Tetris. But it sure is fun trying to figure it all out.

In nearly the same spot, after the bush hog

As we do all these projects, I will sure try to take photos, although I usually think about taking the photos after we’re in the truck heading back to the house.

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