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The Top of the Mountain

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The farm is situated on the Southern end of the Pine Mountain Terrane. So even though it’s Southern middle-Georgia, there is actually elevation. The 45-acre piece of property is 1/3 pasture and 2/3 woods, but the woods are very little flat and very much up. While it’s no Everest, the elevation is a challenge to hike and when you make it to the top of the ridge, there is still almost as much property down the other side of the mountain as there is from the pasture to the top.

This photo shows the lot itself. The county app that shows property allows you to find yourself based on the phone location, so the blue dot is where I was standing, at the top of the ridge.

It’s really beautiful at the top. And you can see at the time the photos were taken there were not a lot of leaves yet, only pine needles. The Northern side of the ridge has more pine and the Southern is a little more hardwood. The bottom (larger) photo above is taken looking West.

The photos below were taken almost three months later, a little more North of where the ones above were. You can see how much the trees have filled in and how beautiful it is at the top.

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