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The Flora and the Fauna

Since spring has arrived the bright green leaves and the flowers are popping up everywhere.

There are so many wonderful natural plants at the farm. We are still trying to identify them all. Most exciting at least lately is the appearance of a blaze azalea, which is an indigenous plant to Georgia. While researching the azalea we found out that these plants are generally poisonous!

The ferns are scattered throughout the woods and one field in the pasture. We know some are broad beech ferns (Phegopteris hexagonoptera). We think there are different ones up in the hardwoods. They are super frilly and look different than the ones in the pasture, but it’s hard to tell without yanking them out of the ground. Which brings me to the next point. They do NOT however take well to transplant. One that was yanked by its little head out of the ground and put in a ziploc for replanting did not make it. So there is now a ban on fern-stealing for the gardener-type ladies in the family.

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