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The Demise of the Burn Pile

We’ve been pretty impressed with our progress on the burn pile. It’s kind of cool to drive by it and see a visual record of the work we’ve done, via the pile of branches and limbs that have accumulated.

I bet at its largest it was 30 feet by 50 feet. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it went from being a huge bonfire that might signal Russia to a potentially out-of-control fire that might bring aliens to earth. You can even see from that set of post photos how much larger the pile has been getting!

We talked to a great local guy, Bryce, about grinding down some tree stumps (which he did) and while he was there we talked about the burn pile. Turns out his magic machine also takes care of debris. And by “takes care of” I mean annihilate. It eats branches, and it eats trees.

Sometimes I like to write a lot in my blogs, but there is nothing quite like the videos to show you how exactly this machine works. It’s a CAT Forestry mulcher on a skid steer.

The Beginning
The Middle
& the End.

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