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Pecan Orchard. Done!

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It took a few weeks of a couple trips a week to do it, but we finally finished limbing up all the trees, killing the poison ivy and cutting down the tiny or dead trees.

It was quite an undertaking and looks so different that it did before. A lot of the green up in the trees was the poison ivy so we have to wait until the leaves dry up and blow away with weather, but everything looks so good.

We even did away with a beautiful cedar tree that was mostly dead – and someone we know has dibs on the wood to make bowls. The Southern side of the orchard smelled good the whole day we cut that tree. And you can see what I found on my Instagram Video here.

We also finished limbing up one of the giant live oaks for mowing underneath and shade for future cows.

Now it’s on to the fence line.

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